Jacky Misson is a participatory artist whose practice spans paint, text, installation, natural and urban interventions and sculpture.

Ultra violet photo of chalk installation
Ultra violet photo of chalk installation

Her projects focus on people and place over time and encourage direct input from viewers in the form of written comments, storytelling and drawing.

Her natural and urban interventions include group walking and use found objects to create sculptures which are left for passers by to discover and contemplate the surrounding area.

Colour in nature walk run by Jacky
Colour in nature walk run by Jacky
four kings - found sculpture
four kings – found sculpture

Research and process are very important to Jacky’s practice. This can take the form of traditional library and online research to story gathering and interviewing local people. With a genuine interest in people and place and an ability to quickly build trust, her work is grounded in the importance of community and communication.

Jacky has created soundscapes from story gathering, text based ultraviolet installations and has organised workshops and curated exhibitions featuring maps and drawings by visitors to the gallery.

visitors taking part in 99 ways to map a walk, Martyrs Gallery, Lewes

She has held residency positions at galleries and is currently Artist in Residence for the Glynde Estate where she is working on a project researching the disused chalkpit which the village grew around. This has included story gathering with older residents and two exhibitions which have attracted over 800 people to the village over two weekends. Various workshops are planned in the local village hall and seven other local artists have contributed original artworks.


Chalkpit exhibition curated by Jacky

After a visit to on form 2018 (stone sculpture at Asthall Manor) Jacky has developed an interest in stone sculpture that has pretty much taken over her life. She can usually be found outside her studio in Glynde, carving away….



current stone works in progress….